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Fair and competitive compensation

Savannah’s tourism community is a dynamic, major contributor to our area through tax revenues, jobs, and direct
spending. No other industry hires more people than the tourism and hospitality community in Savannah. However,
the wages represented in often quoted statistics lump seasonal jobs alongside the Savannah year-round busy market.
To obtain true and accurate wage statistics for Savannah, we engaged the Society for Human Resource Management
(SHRM), a national organization, to conduct a compensation study and survey of lodging properties in the
Savannah market. These are the results from that survey.

The ability of employers in our tourism community to attract and retain the best talent depends in part on their
ability to offer fair and competitive compensation. This requires up-to-date compensation data on pay ranges.
These results below indicate the pay ranges and actual average wages that were being paid at the time the SHRM
study was conducted in May of 2017. The results contained here are the most accurate and up to date information
available. Hover over the pay ranges to see a detailed range, including the average rate of pay.

Hourly Wage in Dollars

Pay Ranges for Salaried Positions 








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