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Guillermo Montes

Serving the Guest

Just after graduating from Groves High School, Guillermo Montes was cutting grass at a golf course. He was waiting for his opportunity to serve in the United States Marine Corps Reserves at Hunter Army Air Field. He answered the call to serve our country as a corporal.

As is the case with the reserves, Montes needed a career to fall back on when he was not called into active duty. He turned to cutting grass again but saw so much more in his sights.

After a car crash in 2013 that left Montes in the hospital for two weeks, he was unable to cut grass at the golf course. He found a job as a houseman, cleaning lobbies of hotels, doing maintenance work, and driving the shuttle for guests.


“I was running around the hotel constantly cleaning stuff, fixing stuff, or taking guests back and forth,” Montes said.


He worked hard in this new endeavor, and his supervisor saw a young man’s work ethic and potential. Soon, he had earned a spot at the front desk less than a year after he started at the Comfort Suites on Bay Street.

“I was going above and beyond to make sure that my guests were taken care of and that the general manager didn’t have too much on his plate. He saw that as an opportunity for me to advance in the company,” Montes added.


His general manager recognized his hard work and promoted him to front office manager. Less than two years later, he was promoted once again to assistant general manager.


Within that same year, his general manager received a promotion, and Montes was named interim general manager. He proved to the management company that he had what it takes to lead the team and increase profits. So, four months later, it was made official, Montes would serve as the youngest general manager in the company at 24 years old.

Like most good leaders, Montes attributes his success to the hard work and dedication of his team. He continually goes out of his way to inspire and thank them for their service to the guest.


“A happy team equals happy guests,” said Montes. “They don’t just come here for a hotel and a bed, they come here for an experience and that experience starts with my team. If my team is happy, I know my guests are going to get taken care of very well. And, I know that without my team, I wouldn’t be where I am.”

And, he’s keeping his eye on his troops, looking for ways that they can advance and have opportunities that he has earned. Montes is proof of growth and opportunity in the tourism community. He showed promise through determination and commitment to an industry that always rewards the person who wants to work hard and climb the ladder of success.


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General Manager

Guillermo Montes, the son of immigrants, rose to the top in his
company as the youngest general manager.
"I know that without my team, I wouldn't be where I am."
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